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Professional Mattress Cleaning Cork Service

Mattress cleaning is an extremely important part of keeping your family healthy. For many, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things in life. Our professional mattress cleaners will make sure that your beds are kept clean and healthy to keep your sleeping space fresh and comfortable all night long.

Cleaning Mattresses is More Important Than You Think

Every time you use your bed, you leave a trace of your body behind. Dust mites and bed bugs are microscopic life primarily in beds and can thrive when the mattress is dirty and damp.

Dust mites feed on dead skin and other material, causing it to build up over time. They produce a substance called “allergen,” which can irritate the airways, make people sneeze, and lead to many diseases. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency in USA (EPA) found that when an area is contaminated with dust, up to 70 percent of dust on a bed or other surface becomes airborne within 48 hours.

That’s why it’s essential to professionally deep clean them at least once per year. Cleaning mattresses keep your bed healthy and fresh and protect your family from diseases and infections.

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Why do you Need to Clean your Mattresses Regularly?

Dead skin cells, sweat, saliva, urine and more can turn your bed into a Petri dish for bacteria germs. These germs can be easily transferred from the mattress to your bed linens and upholstered furniture. In addition to that, dirty mattresses and pillows can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria can cause a wide range of health problems, including asthma, allergies, and even sinus infections. The truth is, you don’t really need to clean your mattresses on a daily basis. However, you should vacuum them at least twice a month to keep the dust down.

If you want to keep your family healthy, get your beds and upholstery cleaned regulary. That way, your bed can be kept fresh and clean so you can get a good night’s sleep every night.

How does our Mattress Cleaning Service in Cork Work?

Clean your bead from the inside out, with our mattress cleaning Cork service. We can remove odours, remove stains, and get rid of bed bugs, dust mites, and other germs from your bedding.

The best part? It doesn’t require any chemicals and is completely safe! Cleaning mattresses keep your bed healthy and fresh, as well as protects your family from diseases and infections.

Our hot water extraction mattress cleaning service is affordable and convenient for you. This method is most effective when applied to areas that are covered with stains such as sweat, vomit, urine, faeces, grease, and pet dander. It’s also useful for those cases in which the mattress is dirty on the inside.

Our cleaning process involves washing the covers, filling all of the crevices with special cleaning agents, and finally vacuuming up all of the dirt and debris in your mattress.

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Our Mattress Cleaning Cork Service Includes the Following:

  • Sanitisation Effective against all viruses and bacteria
  • Eco-friendly Solutions and other solvents for your children and pet safety
  • Deodorisation Most odours will be eliminated by professional treatments to ensure fresh, clean mattresses
  • Professional Cleaners Same day bookings & real time availability

We guarantee that your bedding will be free of harmful bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, molds, and odours. Our mattress cleaning is 100% safe, no chemicals or harsh solvents are used.

Need mattress cleaning in Cork or surrounding area?

Let us provide you with a reliable, affordable, and timely cleaning service that will last through the seasons. Contact us today and make your bed healthy and clean again.

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