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Upholstery Cleaning Cork

CorkCarpetCleaning offers a wide range of services, including professionally upholstery cleaning, carpet washing, furniture cleaning, etc. 

We specialize in cleaning sofas, chairs, curtains, drapery, armchairs, ottomans, cushions, and everything upholstered by using the most advanced cleaning technologies. In addition, we provide dry upholstery cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning, and carpet cleaning to our customers. Moreover, regardless of the type of fabric, we use high-end technologies to perform the cleaning methods.

Our mission is to help you enjoy your home or office environment and keep it clean and fresh. This service will help you maintain your home’s furniture in a better state.

We at the Cork Carpet Cleaning are confident enough to consider our professional upholstery cleaning service among the best in Cork county. You should check what our previous clients have had to say about our high-quality cleaning services on our testimonials page, and you can be sure your upholstery is in safe hands with us. With us, you can expect the following:

  • SpecializedExpert cleaners know-how on delicate fabrics
  • Stain ProtectionIncluded in service, lasts for 5-6 months
  • Eco-friendlySolutions and other solvents for your children and pet safety
  • SanitisationEffective against all viruses and bacteria

How Does Our Cleaning Upholstery Service Work?

We recommend dry upholstery cleaning for leather and delicate fabrics. If your sofa or couch is made from synthetic fibres, we will perform hot water extraction cleaning, the most effective method for your furniture.

No matter the cleaning method, at the end of both services, we will protect upholstered materials with anti-stain treatment.

Anti-stain treatment will protect your fabrics from future stains, such as coffee, red wine, greasy food, vomit, crayons, and more. Anti-stain treatment is also applicable to our carpet cleaning professionally service.

upholstery cleaning service in Cork

Why do you Need our Upholstery Cleaning Service?

Main benefits for having your upholstery cleaned regularly are:

  • Give you a healthier environment by reducing the amount of dust in your home
  • Protect your children from asthma and allergy by reducing allergens
  • Give your home a fresh look and keep your furniture looking great
  • Eliminate odours and remove all kind of stains
  • Improve the indoor air quality
Professional mattress cleaning service in Cork is also available

Did you know that the mattresses accumulate a significant amount of dust and dust mites

Mattresses also need deep cleaning from time to time. Our hot water extraction method will deal with stains, odours, dust mites, and dirt by leaving your mattresses fresh and restored. 

We understand that upholstery cleaning can be a challenging task. Let us do the dirty work for you. It’s easier and more efficient than you might think. Our professional upholstery cleaner will come to your address in Cork county in time what suits you best and leave your furniture clean and fresh. 

Our upholstery cleaners use only safe and eco-friendly products that are effective and safe for you and your family. You can rely on our reliable and experienced staff to help you stay comfortable in your home.

We’re based in the heart of Cork city, and we’re proud to provide the best upholstery cleaning service around.

Call us today! We provide a fast, reliable, and courteous service at an affordable price.

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